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Seals trip FAQ

Should you be concerned about sharks?

 Sharks are a natural occurrence at the seal colony during the winter, as sharks and other predators follow and feed on the sardines. The pups born 6months prior to winter need to start hunting sardines actively. As they are inexperienced, they present the sharks with an opportunity to feed on them. They learn incredibly quickly how to avoid being attacked. Thus, the sharks are only there for a short period: June and 1st two weeks of July. 

As operators, we halt swimming during the danger time. June and July. During the months of May, August and September we use spotters on the mountain to alert the boats of shark presence. From October we return to normal operations. We are always extremely vigilant. 

Keep in mind that seal behaviour can be a good indication of shark presence. We also keep a boat close by to keep a sharp lookout for any dangers. 

We operate at 10h00 12h00 and 14h00 so that the sun is out, and we can see better in the water. But it’s the open ocean and sharks do move around. We have been trading for 12 years and have a fantastic safety record. 


What if the weather is bad?

Not to worry. We can go out in most weather conditions, even if it rains, the only time we will cancel is if there is an strong east wind or east swell. We will inform booked clients in advance and if we are unable to reschedule, we offer a full refund.


When do you operate?


We operate all year round, 7 days a week.

10h00, 12h00 and 14h00 daily, number and weather dependent.

In season we offer a 08h00 and 16h00 trip as well.

Special arrangements can be made for big groups.


I can’t swim or isn’t a strong swimmer…

That is ok, you can still swim with the seals, we provide wet suits, that keep you buoyend. We have floatation aids available on request.

The guide is present with you in the water at all time.

We don’t swim long distances, we mostly just float around the seals


I am disabled, can I still swim with the seals?

Yes. Give us a call to let us know what your disability is and we will work around it. Nothing gives us more pleasure to allow everyone to have an amazing experience swimming with the seals.


If I don’t want to swim can I still come on the boat?

Yes. Provided there is space available, you can book a seal viewing trip, which will be on the same boat at the swimmers and you can watch everyone else get wet


Does size matter?

No. We have wetsuits in all sizes, catering for kids from 4 years to XXXL.


Do children pay the same as adults?

Yes.Children still need all the equipment required and full a boat seat according SAMSA standards.And they often need more attention during the excursion, which we are more happy to give.


I don’t have an underwater camera. What about pictures?

Available. The guide on every trip takes pictures, which will be available afterwards to view and then purchase on a USB stick on cool animated USB for R250 or we can e-mail you the link at R200.

Shark trip FAQ

How safe is it?

All our skippers and guides are highly qualified and are very experienced. As for boating, going out to sea will always pose some form of risk, but safety is always our main concern and priority.


Do I have to be a strong swimmer or able to swim?

Nope, not if you prefer to dive in the cage. If you would like snorkel or free dive, some level of experience is required.


Can I stay on the boat and still have a good experience?

Yes. You can still have an awesome experience, we only make use of semi-rigid boats “rubberduck” which mean no high gunwales, you are pretty close to the water, the deeper we go, the clearer the water generally gets to see the animals and we provide polarised sunglasses which make viewing better.


Is sightings guaranteed?

As much as we would like to guarantee sightings, it’s not a zoo or animal park and the animals are free to roam the whole ocean.


Will I get sea sick?

If you prone to motion sickness, we strongly recommended using some form of motion sickness treatment, there is a few option available. (stugeron or motion sickness bracelets, please speak to your pharmacist) Make sure you had a good breakfast, it always helps having a full stomach. Drink water and stay hydrated, lollipops, mints and gum do help as well.


Is there a toilet on board?

Nope but we can always make a plan with a number one.


Can I bring my own food?

Yes, just keep in mind space is limited on the boat, don’t bring big bulking bags.


Can I bring my camera?

Yes, you are more than welcome, we recommend it to be waterproof. Pictures of the trip will be available for purchase on an USB afterwards.


I have dietary requirements?

Please specify these to us as soon as you book your trip.

“Amazing trip and better than expected. Would definitely recommend. Really cool experience seeing the seals so close. We also got lucky and saw other dolphins (up close) and a whale (from a distance)”

London, United Kingdom

“I have already been twice and now booked my third dive experience always amazing and run by lovely knowledgable people”

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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