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Swim with Seals

Swim with seals in Plettenberg Bay! We all meet at the office, located in the car park area of Central beach, 30 minutes before departure, where we take care of all the nitty gritty paperwork and supply you with all the equipment needed.

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Swim with seals

Activities Plettenberg bay swim with seals
“Join the experienced team from Offshore Adventures for an experience of a lifetime. This one-and-a-half-hour adventure starts with an adrenaline pumping beach launch into the sea, followed by an amazing boat ride along the scenic coastline to the Cape fur seal colony. There you will get to snorkel and interact with the oceans most loved character and see them playfully swimming in their natural environment.”

Seal Viewing

Seal viewing trips plettenberg bay
“What makes this tour unique is the seal interaction. They will not disappoint, and sightings is guaranteed. Our crew is passionate about what we do, and you will experience our knowledge and love for the ocean. It’s a fun boat ride that, starts with an adrenaline pumping beach launch into the sea, followed by an amazing boat ride along the scenic coastline to the Cape fur seal colony. So, whether you just want to see the seals or watch your friends swim with the seals this tour is for you. Plus, we provide free pictures of the tour!”

jetski adventures

Jet-ski Rentals plettenberg bay
“Join the accomplished Team of Offshore Adventures and experience the thrill of a Jet ski Adventure!!! Rent a Jet-Ski for 20 minutes on the beachfront central beach Plettenberg Bay. Guided tours with qualified skipper or ride ski by yourself if you have a valid skippers license. Alternatively, we can issue you with a temporary skipper’s licence if required…”

Get Wet

In Plett with offshore adventures!

Offshore Adventures is offering you a once in a lifetime experience in Plettenberg bay! The most amazing wildlife encounters, you have always dreamed of! Action packed adventures, not to be missed! Explore the ocean at its best, Swimming with seals and the Ultimate free diving marine safaris! Check out our seal of approvals on TripAdvisor and flip through our Facebook page. Join the experienced crew on an Exciting boat trip to the amazing Robberg peninsula and plunge into the cool Atlantic Ocean for a seal snorkeling experience of a lifetime. If you are looking for something fun to do on your holiday in Plettenberg Bay, you are in the right place!

swimming with seals /viewing

tour photo’s and pictures

to the value of R250 per link

What people think

“Amazing trip and better than expected. Would definitely recommend. Really cool experience seeing the seals so close. We also got lucky and saw other dolphins (up close) and a whale (from a distance)”

London, United Kingdom

“I have already been twice and now booked my third dive experience always amazing and run by lovely knowledgable people”

Portsmouth, United Kingdom


Sardine run
port st. johns

Billions of sardines (Sardinops sagax) spawn in the cool waters of the Agulhas Bank and move northward along the east coast of South Africa. Their numbers of sardine create a feeding frenzy along the coastline. The run, containing millions of individual sardines, occurs annually between May and August when a coastal current of cold water heads north from the Agulhas Bank up to Mozambique.

Who we are

We pride ourselves with an excellent safety record, WESSA Blue flag status, with a high standard and code of conduct towards the environment and animals. We support research and fund seal rehabiliation. At Offshore Adventures we give you an incredible opportunity to interact with playful seals, inquisitive Blue and Mako sharks and incredidle schools of sardines in season! We supply you with all the equipment you need! Wetsuits, flippers, snorkels and more! You dont need any experience. We operate all year round, 7days a week. 10h00, 12h00 and 14h00 daily, number and weather dependant. In season we run 8h00 but not 16h00 as we up our capacity to 24pax per time slot. Special arrangements can be made for big groups. Contact us for further information!

Seal Pup Rescue and Rehabilitation

In conjunction with Tenikwa wildlife awareness and rehabilitation center – Fur seals pups are completely land based for the first 10-12 weeks, as they need to built strength and learn how to swim first through trial and error. These little guys often get knocked off the rocks by other seals or stormy swell before they are ready, the lucky ones from time to time make it to beach without drowning but exhausted and mostly dehydrated, Tenikwa gives them medical check-up and re-hydrates them before we reunite them with the colony.They have 50% survival rate if reunited with the colony within 3 days.

Tenikwa Plettenberg bay

Education and community upliftment

We work in affiliation with the
Nature Valley Trust on their environmental education programs. We have also received a letter of appreciation from the international foundation of environmental education for our efforts and involvement in environmental education. As part of our community upliftment efforts, we offer an annual internship every year for a youngster from the local community and train them up to a guide or skipper or both. We also support various reach for dreams initiatives and swimming programs.

Marine Conservation and Research.

Offshore Adventures have been awarded with the WESSA Blue Flag status for the third consecutive year. To read more about the Blue Flag programme click here We are dedicated in supporting any marine and conservation related research in our area, especially Robberg Nature Reserve and Marine Protected area. We are to accommodate researchers and student in their projects aboard our boats and lend a hand where possible. Interested? feel free to contact us. We are proud supporter and committee member of Plett Hope Spot. Read more about the Hope Spots

House of hope plettenberg bay charity

We support House Of Hope and so can you.

Kranshoek is a village just outside Plettenberg Bay (South Africa), where people live in very poor homes, unemployment and poverty often lead to problems related to alcohol abuse, drugs and domestic violence. Those who pay the consequences are the children, who barely have enough to eat, denied with the possibility of a scholastic formation and consequently the lack of future prospects derives from this. Donations to the association House of Hope are used exclusively for the children and adolescents of Kranshoek. All the helpers involved in the project work free of charge (except for the two local trainers).

House of hope plettenberg bay

all year round


Rent a Jet-Ski for 20 minutes on the beachfront central beach Plettenberg Bay. Guided tours with qualified skipper or ride ski by yourself if you have a valid skippers license.

Meet the team

Jaco Kruger

Skipper – Owner

Nico Boorman


Tristan Minnaar

Dive Master

Rederick van Rooyen

Dive Master

Rynhardt Jacobs


Melville Pieters

Beach Crew

Izell van der Westhuizen

Office Manager


Fun For
All Ages

We pride ourselves with an excellent safety record and WESSA Blue Flag status. We operate at a very high standard and follow a code of conduct to ensure we are always looking after the environment and animals. We also support research and fund seal rehabilitation.

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